The Property Valuation evaluation of a detached house can be done by several types of approaches.

The methods most commonly used to determine the market value are:
– the comparison method ,
– the land and construction method ,
– the income capitalization method .

The method by comparison consists of comparing the asset subject to the appraisal, with transactions carried out on equivalent assets in kind and in location, on a date as close as possible to the date of the appraisal.

Property Valuation

Knowledge of the changes that have occurred makes it possible to retain, as a point of comparison, Property Valuation that are similar in their condition, location, size, size, urban planning status, etc. .. to criticize it and make the necessary corrections to determine, by comparison, the value of the building examined.

This method is made possible by the perfect knowledge of the evolution of the real estate market and the permanent follow-up of the sales of buildings, both public and by mutual agreement. Care must be taken to ensure that these sales are made under normal conditions and with sufficient publicity.

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